Why D2C Brands Need Communities?

The Direct-to-Consumer revolution is the game-changer of the new normal. More companies are directly selling to their audience, ensuring better quality and prices for their end-users in the process. But it's not the price factor that comes into play. It's the direct relationship many of these brands have with their customers. It is the feeling of belonging and priority to the customers that many of these brands provide which is fueling this growing movement.

Although there are tons of inbound marketing tools present out there but most of these avocado-toast generation folks completely discard any form of influencer marketing as mere ads. This is where a private community comes into play.

At toli, we have recognized that most e-commerce customers want to share their experiences and are great storytellers. In today's time when most of the customers are using social media effortlessly, they want to get feedback from someone they know or can relate with easily. Given the right platform, they can help other users with their personal stories and experiences in great detail. And this forms the bedrock of an active community. Valuable interaction with fellow members.

Using our platform, a brand can easily create a public or private community based on their requirements. The content can easily be categorized using groups. These groups are used to bring together community members based on shared interests and commonality. For example, in a wellness community, one group can be dedicated to nutrition and right eating habits and another group to discuss yoga for kids and teenagers.

We have observed that a brand community is a great channel to collect feedback and learn more about customer needs. The organic insights from the discussions formulate the business strategy for them. With content shared by subject matter experts, brand communities play a pivotal role in educating the end-users.

These communities are deeply tied with the ecommerce part of our client's business and helps in improve the stickiness. For example, customers who are community contributors, get coins for their posts which leads to promotion of healthy engagement.

Our gamification engine helps customers earn virtual currency across the website of our client, which results in better retention and engagement of customers. Overall, the entire experience becomes more fulfilling for both the parties.

In conclusion, building a community is the best way customers and D2C brands can help each other. Customers get organic feedback and incentives to grow the pie and brands get a channel to directly listen to their customers. On top of that, brands ensure better customer success which means more retention and organic growth. Toli makes it a click away solution for brands to bring all their favourite tools in one place and build a unique community experience for their customers. An absolute win-win.

Come join the movement!